Andreas Lukoschek raised up in the Neanderthal. Yes right that’s were the Neandertaler are from, who were an extinct species of human closely related to the modern human more than 200.000 years age.
But don’t worry he does not behave or look like them. After studying at Franklin University Switzerland. He was working for different online and publisher companies as a manager.
He found his real passion in photography. Ansel Adams quote describes Andreas attidude at its best: „You don’t take a photograph, you make it.“
When he is not writing about himself in the third person, Andreas likes to spend his spare time traveling around the world and of course he shoots then images of awsome places.
Based in Düsseldorf and Berlin (Germany), Andreas and his team are ready to create great photography for you. Bookings are worldwide welcome.

A few words in German: Andreas Lukoschek, aufgewachsen in der Neanderthal Stadt Mettmann, hat nach seinem Studium an der Franklin University Switzerland für unterschiedliche Online und Print Verlagshäuser als Manager gearbeitet. Seine wahre Berufung hat er in der Fotografie gefunden. Tätig ist er in den Bereichen der Unternehmensfotografie, Business-, & Eventfotografie, sowie in der Potrait-, & Werbefotografie.

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